Abeo Jackson
Published 8/19/2021 in FilmTT
Abeo Jackson is a multi-hyphenate creative from Trinidad and Tobago interested and engaged in ongoing #JametteDiscourse i.e. exploring the powerful narratives of Afro-Caribbean Feminism coupled with ideologies of Indigeneity/Maroonage geared towards the deconstruction of capitalist/post-colonial frameworks and establishment, while further exploring the wider underpinnings of art as...read more ❯
Sherrese Moise
Published 8/19/2021 in FilmTT
Sherrese Moise is one of today's most successful, influential, and sought-out films and television industry producers. With two hit shows currently on the air at VH1 and six films being released in the last ten years on various television networks. Sherrese Television Producing credits include Trade-out Producer, Unit Producer, and Supervising Producer for Viacom CBS, TV One, Revolt TV,...read more ❯
Lorraine O'Connor
Published 8/20/2021 in FilmTT
Lorraine O’Connor has spent her professional life as a cultural activist, producer and promoter of Trinidad and Tobago culture, be it through music, film and fashion. Trinidad born, educated in France and fluent in 4 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Lorraine has a vivid curiosity that has driven her to explore many areas in the creative and cultural arenas. She has produced numerous...read more ❯