Chester Wilkins
Published 9/23/2021 in MusicTT
ISRC/UPC Manager - Chester W. Wilkins is an ISRC/UPC expert offering not only allocation services of the codes but a 5-point service plan – ISRC codes, distribution services, consulting, merchandising, and royalties assistance for artists, record labels and distributors through his Iowa-based company, LinkQMedia. Wilkins also has a branch of LinkQMedia operating in more ❯
Dhanraj Harrypersad
Published 9/23/2021 in MusicTT
General Manager (Ag.) - Dhanraj Harrypersad is the General Manager (Ag.) of exporTT Limited and is responsible for the company's day to day operations. His leadership prioritizes the needs of our Export Community through; building more internationally competitive firms, developing solutions and partnerships that make exporting easier and focusing on the business factors that set our more ❯
Denyssa David
Published 9/23/2021 in MusicTT
Lead Dreamer and Doer, Global Villages - Denyssa is the Founder of Global Villages Development Consultants which supports rural communities in improving the wellbeing of residents and the environment. In 2019, she led a team that was responsible for the greening of the regional festival, CARIFESTA XIV. She is a creative dabbler and new farmer who is originally from Rio Claro, Trinidad. She more ❯
Audrey Gray
Published 9/23/2021 in MusicTT
Industry Developer and CEO of the Gospel Music Industry Alliance (GMIA) UK - Audrey Gray has over a decade in the music and entertainment industry providing artist and tours services, as well as supporting music investors with event productions and creative projects. She is passionate about the opportunity to mentor others and helps Creatives to take control of their careers. Audrey also more ❯
Dr. Jo-Anne Tull
Published 9/23/2021 in MusicTT
Academic Coordinator/Lecturer Carnival Studies Programme & Post Graduate Diploma in Arts and Cultural Enterprise Management Programme - Dr. Jo-Anne Tull is an academic, researcher and consultant in Caribbean creative economy development with a particular interest in festival entrepreneurship, festival statistics, cultural heritage and development, cultural industries impacts and more ❯
Charlie Ann St. Cyr
Published 9/23/2021 in MusicTT
Digital Lead, Caribbean Ideas Synapse - Charlie Ann is a Digital Marketer, Social Impact Strategist and data junkie with a passion for developing content that translates into beautiful stories across digital platforms. For over nine years, she has worked with brands and organisations across varying sectors, helping them find the right digital solutions to solve their greatest pains. When she' more ❯
David Barilla
Published 9/23/2021 in MusicTT
Assistant Director of the City of Orlando’s Downtown Development Board - David is the Assistant Director of the City of Orlando’s Downtown Development Board. David has worked to reenergize the development scene in Orlando. David has served key roles with the International Council of Shopping Centers and was selected an emerging leader in the urban district management industry by more ❯
Hans Dieffenthaller
Published 9/27/2021 in MusicTT
Musician / Director KES - Hans Dieffenthaller is a founding member, musician and director of KES (the band). His expertise lie both on and offstage. He is the drummer for the band but is also head of research and development in touring technology as well as business development. A self-professed family man and more ❯
Santiago Roberts
Published 9/27/2021 in MusicTT
 Latin American Lead, Sound Diplomacy - Santiago Roberts is a professional drummer, businessman and cultural activist from San José, Costa Rica. He is part-owner of the venue Cantina SCCA in San José, with whom he produced over 870 shows in a two-year span before COVID, the venue worked under a complete cultural agnosticism policy. As a venue owner, he is leading the creation of the more ❯
Lorraine O’Connor
Published 9/28/2021 in MusicTT
General Manager, C15 Studios Ltd - Lorraine O’Connor has spent the past 30 years as a cultural activist, a producer and promoter of Trinidad and Tobago culture, be it through music, film and fashion. Lorraine has produced numerous documentaries and films and worked on many international productions filmed in Trinidad & Tobago. From the trendy music label, Rituals Music, which more ❯
Abeo Jackson
Published 8/19/2021 in FilmTT
Abeo Jackson is a multi-hyphenate creative from Trinidad and Tobago interested and engaged in ongoing #JametteDiscourse i.e. exploring the powerful narratives of Afro-Caribbean Feminism coupled with ideologies of Indigeneity/Maroonage geared towards the deconstruction of capitalist/post-colonial frameworks and establishment, while further exploring the wider underpinnings of art more ❯
Sherrese Moise
Published 8/19/2021 in FilmTT
Sherrese Moise is one of today's most successful, influential, and sought-out films and television industry producers. With two hit shows currently on the air at VH1 and six films being released in the last ten years on various television networks. Sherrese Television Producing credits include Trade-out Producer, Unit Producer, and Supervising Producer for Viacom CBS, TV One, Revolt TV, more ❯
Lorraine O'Connor
Published 8/20/2021 in FilmTT
Lorraine O’Connor has spent her professional life as a cultural activist, producer and promoter of Trinidad and Tobago culture, be it through music, film and fashion. Trinidad born, educated in France and fluent in 4 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, Lorraine has a vivid curiosity that has driven her to explore many areas in the creative and cultural arenas. She has produced more ❯
FilmTT to host Business of Film webinars for Global Entrepreneurship Week
Published 11/9/2021 in FilmTT
Port of Spain, 05th November 2021: The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Limited (FilmTT) is taking part in Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2021. GEW is hosted by Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago from November 8-14, 2021, under the theme “Reboot, Rethink, Regenerate and Rise.” FilmTT will host two virtual capacity development sessions on November 9th and 11th focused on Business of more ❯
Amanda Cornwall
Published 12/2/2021 in FilmTT
Chief Financial Officer at Caribbean Dockyard & Engineering Services Ltd   Tell us about yourself and how you became a film accountant? I am a chartered accountant FCCA with an MBA from Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School.  I have always loved the local film sector and by extension the creative industry and the role that it can play in the country's diversification away from oil more ❯
Let's Talk Safety with Richard
Published 12/2/2021 in FilmTT
We had a brief conversation with producer Richard Chin Fatt on the topic of gun safety on set. Richard has been working in the film and television industry in and out of Trinidad for 30+ years as a Co-Producer, Editor, Production Consultant, and Cameraman. His extensive background in project management and production coordination is an asset in the areas of budget maximization and more ❯