Building Your Brand in the Music Industry
Published 9/30/2020 in MusicTT The premiere episode of RVRB was hosted by brand guru Josh Rudder of TOVA Group on Thursday 25th April 2019:  RVRB: Building Your Brand in the Music Industry This webinar provided participants with the following: an understanding of what we mean by ‘brand’ how your brand can determine your success or failure in the more ❯
Future Proofing T&T Music
Published 2/3/2021 in MusicTT
[embedyt][/embedyt]   This special edition RVRB took the form of a panel discussion by some major industry experts and practitioners. Topics included the issues faced for the music and events industry; pre Covid-19, those faced now during the pandemic and what to expect to post the more ❯
RVRB: Future Proofing T&T Music Pt.2
Published 2/18/2021 in MusicTT
[embedyt][/embedyt]   This webinar took place on Thursday, February 25th, 2021 at 12 noon. This special edition RVRB took the form of a panel discussion by some major industry heavy hitters such as Chutney Soca Monarch King 2020 &2021 GI, World Famous DJ Private Ryan and Chantal Esdelle of The Ethnic Jazz Club. Topics included more ❯
RVRB: Future Proofing T&T Music Part 3
Published 3/17/2021 in MusicTT
[embedyt][/embedyt]   This webinar took place on Thursday, March 25th, 2021 at 12 noon. This special edition RVRB took the form of a panel discussion with music industry professionals, Mr. Jessel Murray, Ms. Giselle Langton and Mr. John Arnold. Topics included: Issues faced by the music/venue industry Pre-COVID-19 What are more ❯
RVRB: Managing Your Solo Pannist
Published 8/17/2021 in MusicTT
  This webinar will take place on Thursday, August 26th, 2021 at 12 noon. This RVRB session will take the form of a panel discussion with pan professionals, Johann Chuckaree, Joshua Regrello and Kris Murrell. They will share insights on what it takes to get started and have a successful career as a solo pannist. How to stand out as a pannist and remain competitive in more ❯
Keith Kirk
Published 9/16/2021 in MusicTT
Music Metadata Curator, Motif Music Services - Dedicated music professional with over 15 years’ experience in the music business industry. I have developed a keen understanding of the music industry in relation to intellectual property rights, music publishing/licensing, metadata management and copyright as well as managing various aspects of digital media data within content more ❯
Bella Sookdeo
Published 9/16/2021 in MusicTT
Social Media Influencer, Dancer, Entrepreneur, Career Woman, Fitness Professional - As a young ICT career woman Bella started her career at 18 and has worked with top global Technology companies managing the Caribbean region spanning over 12 years, she is also a fitness entrepreneur well known for dance fitness and has featured in some of the largest events in TT as well as more ❯
Narisha Khan
Published 9/16/2021 in MusicTT
Social and Market Research Specialist - Narisha has 16 years of experience in designing and conducting social and market research studies for both local and international organisations in various industry sectors including academia, trade, child protection and oil and gas; and holds a Master of Science Degree in Development Statistics with a specialisation in Survey Research Design more ❯
Brevard Nelson
Published 9/16/2021 in MusicTT
Managing Director, Caribbean Ideas Synapse - Brevard Nelson is the Co-Founder & Director of Caribbean Ideas Ltd and Managing Director of Synapse  He has a unique blend of marketing and corporate communications talent, IT expertise, seasoned with an entrepreneurial spirit.  No stranger to the stage, Brevard has a love for music and dance and has graced the Queens Hall more ❯
Amanda Rice
Published 9/16/2021 in MusicTT
Violin teacher, String Ensemble teacher (Minnesota Waldorf School), Yoga Instructor (Yoga for All Musicians) -  Amanda Rice instructor and a string ensemble teacher. She has been living in Minnesota for 5 years, where she attended graduate school and where she runs her own private music school, Legato Music and Yoga. Amanda has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of more ❯
Selwyn Henry
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT
What is a Gaffer? The Gaffer is the head of the Electrics/Lighting department on a film set. He or she is responsible for assisting the cinematographer with lighting and providing power to the set. They work directly with the cinematographer to achieve the look of the film the DoP is going for. What skills do you need to be a gaffer? You are not expected to have a specific degree to become more ❯
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT
Costuming for Unfinished Sentences (image below). When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry? As a child, I made clothes for my dolls, and all through my teens, for myself, but I never considered it for a career until later on. I reached a crossroads after finishing secondary school, and I wasn't entirely sure which path to take, creative or academic. more ❯
Lisa-Marie Daniel
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT
Fashion in Film Can you tell us a little about yourself and the position you hold as FashionTT’s GM? On a personal note, I am a family-oriented person, fun-loving, highly committed, love watching movies, visiting local fashion designers online and in store to buy products for my wardrobe. I believe taking care of your appearance and building your core personal brand whilst remaining more ❯
Jelani Serrette
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT
Film Sound | Freelancer IG @jelaniserrette What is the role of a boom operator? Boom ops assist the sound mixer in capturing sound. Making sure the boom pole is placed as best as possible given the scene, lighting and framing. Sometimes you might also help mic talent. When do you start to work on a production? It depends on the project, particularly it's scale. Most commonly, on more ❯
Kasi Foster
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT
Sound Mixer/Recordist IG @kasifoster25 What is the role of a boom operator? The role of the boom operator is to assist the sound mixer to achieve the truest form of sound recording. Whether it be dialogue or ambient sound. When do you start to work on a production? A boom operator ideally should start in pre-production. Going to rehearsals and reading the script to be prepared more ❯
Nicholas Meah
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT
Sound engineer for TV production| Advertising and recording production IG @soundproproductions What is the role of a boom operator? The role of a boom operator is to capture the sound of the actor, getting sound equipment ready for the shoot send out headset to listen to the dialogue and set up the mixer (car or environments clean with the natural background sound of the ambiences for more ❯
Kerron Lemessy
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT IG @mr_lemessy What is the role of a boom operator? The role of a boom operator is to operate the boom microphone to capture the best quality dialogue and sound effects. When do you start to work on a production? A boom operator should be on set 30 mins to 1 hour before call time to familiarize themselves with the set and also to set up the sound equipment for more ❯
Melissa Jimenez
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT
IG handle: @mjtt868 FB page: @melissajimenezTT Can you tell us a little about yourself and the position you hold as MusicTT’s GM? Many persons are familiar with me as being a practitioner on the arts & culture and NGO scene. I am either in chorale performances with the UWI Arts Chorale, working behind the scenes or performing on-stage in a musical with Must Come See Productions, more ❯
Frances-Anne Solomon
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT
Filmmaker | Writer | Producer Frances-Anne Solomon is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, producer, curator, and entrepreneur in film, TV, radio, theatre, and new media. Born in England to Trinidadian parents, she was raised and educated in the Caribbean and Canada before moving to Great Britain where she has built a successful career. What steps were involved in getting accepted more ❯
Lisa Wickham
Published 1/4/2021 in FilmTT
Media Producer | Director | TV Personality How did you get into filmmaking? Well I started in this industry as a child on TTT age 6 on the only live children's show to date, Rikki Tikki. I guess the bug bit me. I never left the industry, just expanded from in front the camera to behind when director Linus Pitt started to give me editing tips when I hosted party time. From there I realised more ❯
The Cloth
Published 12/5/2021 in FashionTT
The Cloth this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. The label was born during an economic recession in Trinidad and Tobago and has grown into one of the strongest fashion houses in the region. What started as a collaborative has been steered by Robert Young into a clear an unmistakable voice. With an integrity that is as palpable as the politics the line has come to be known with. In its more ❯
The Hideout Clothing
Published 12/5/2021 in FashionTT
THC is growing out of Trinidad & Tobago. Inspired by the surroundings and upbringings of the founders; born in Trinidad & Tobago, but also having lived overseas (Canada, France, USA); THC offers a blend of Caribbean themes, with strong influences of international fashions and trends - deriving ideas, style, and taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. Facebook: The more ❯