Project Support Service Provider (FashionTT) – Deadline: Friday 30th April 2021.

Please send your resumes to


The VCIP Service Provider will report to the General Manager and is responsible for the coordination, implementation, management, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting on all projects/programmes undertaken by the Company.



  • General administration of projects for review and approval by GM
  • Facilitating the procurement of sub-contractors/suppliers for successful implementation of projects.
  • Procure and submit, quotations and invoices and maintain accurate, up-to-date project expenditures and adherence to project budget.
  • Organize workshops, conferences, seminars and training events as necessary.


  • Manage Projects and Project Team(s), specifically
    • Plan and schedule project timelines and mobilization of implementation teams
    • Monitor deliverables from consultants/contractors for accuracy, efficiency and validity.
    • Co-ordinate project logistics, which include but is not limited to travel, visas, hotel accommodation, transportation, etc. — all work with relevant sub-contractors.
    • Track Budget Expenses
    • Manage/Oversee Project Performance + Outcomes
    • Submit Performance / Outcome Reports


  • Attend meetings as required.
  • Contribute and/or recommend to strategic plans and reviews;
  • Prepare and complete action plans;
  • Implementing Project Plans;
  • Complete project audits



  • Knowledge of Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) funding policies and requirements;
  • Sound knowledge of project planning and management techniques;
  • Knowledge of CreativeTT’s mandated industry sectors, local, regional and international
  • Knowledge of Market Research/Studies, especially in regards to identifying market trends.


  • Manage & Implement Projects
  • Manage / Coordinate Events
  • Monitor Budgets
  • Manage/Oversee Project Performance/Outcomes
  • Write Performance / Outcome Reports


  • Networking and relationship management skills
  • Report and proposal writing skills
  • Written and verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Advanced computer literacy and proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office
  • Overseeing:
    • Business Procedures
    • Process Improvement
    • Inventory/Resource Control
  • Self-Starter – Proactive — takes ownership / initiative of assigned project
  • Solution Oriented – Problem Solver
  • Organized / Punctual


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Management and/or related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Minimum two years relevant work experience



CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER – Deadline: Monday 19th April 2021.

Please send your resumes to


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for providing the highest quality of strategic leadership and management for CreativeTT and its subsidiaries (FashionTT, FilmTT, MusicTT) in the oversight of its day-to-day functioning and direction in accordance with CreativeTT’s Vision and Mission and the Strategic Direction of CreativeTT as directed by its Board of Directors.

In collaboration with the General Managers of each subsidiary, the CEO will establish and build the CreativeTT industries by creating and delivering industry value for its stakeholders and provide sustained profitable growth of the organization. The CEO will facilitate the integration of the diverse work being undertaken as well as assist in innovation and transformative work, delivering on sector strategy which considers the national priorities and public policy objectives. The CEO, with the Board of Directors, will envision, devise and execute policy and strategic plans to ensure efficient management of the organization including its staff.


· Applies appropriate leadership strategies, business acumen and commercial awareness to develop and implement CreativeTT’s strategy and policy and ensure the delivery and achievement of the business objectives and priorities.

· Participate and contribute towards the development and implementation of national policies and strategies for the creative industries

· Leads, motivates and manages people to optimize performance and effectiveness.

· Acts proactively and thinks strategically, in anticipating organizational needs, recognizing the dynamics of the wider business environment

· Maintain awareness of competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities, risks and industry developments.

· Uses risk management for the best interests of the organization and its stakeholders.

· Exercise general management oversight over all phases of the work of CreativeTT and collaborate with the General Managers of each subsidiary (FilmTT, FashionTT, MusicTT) to provide direction, leadership, integration, alignment and timely execution of the strategic objectives of CreativeTT and the creative industries

· Further collaborates with the General Managers to discuss and advise on:

– Appropriate strategies to ensure adherence to governance structures and application of best practice internal controls

– Recruitment of staff in the subsidiaries in adherence with the approved organizational structures;

– Disbursement of funds for approved projects/sponsorships;

– Any legal matters;

– Administrative support functions

– Project Updates – outcomes, expenditure, lessons learned;

– Projects to be implemented by other subsidiary companies;

– Identified areas for cross sectorial collaboration and benefit;

· Works closely with departmental managers to review performance systems, develop goals and initiatives, ensuring adherence to company guidelines, manage expenditure, and ensuring the successful delivery of marketing initiatives.

· Develops positive relationships with private sector, public sector and civil society agencies to seek partnerships and harness synergies

· Builds the Company’s role and reputation as a key agency for the creative industries

· Identify and implement appropriate stakeholder relations strategies to support engagement of key stakeholders in the creative industries

· Advocates on behalf of the creative industries

· Ensures the company’s organizational structure is tailored to meet the needs of the organization.

· Direct the organization’s operational and fiscal function towards continual improvements and operating efficiencies

· Provides creative leadership and direction; while managing change and innovation

· Prepares monthly/quarterly (as/when required) feedback to the Board of Directors on the organization’s performance.

· Engages in continuous knowledge development regarding sector’s regulations, best practices, and performance standards


· Extensive knowledge and experience in the domestic, regional and international creative industries

· Sound knowledge of:

– management principals and procedures

– budgeting and financial systems and procedures

– public sector procurement practices and Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) funding policies and requirements

· Excellent leadership, operational, management, analytical, problem-solving, and project management skills

· Ability to develop and implement operations, policies and procedures, multitask, meet deadlines and work within budgets

· Ability to present at both internal and external meetings to support the achievement of company objectives

· Superior written and verbal communication skills with experience in producing reports

· Experience managing diverse teams


· Significant experience in the creative industries

· At least eight (8) years demonstrated managerial experience and responsibility in a similar position

· Post-graduate degree in Business Administration, Management Studies or any relevant field OR Any relevant combination of experience and professional academic qualifications may be

· Knowledge of corporate governance, regulatory compliance, stakeholder relations, corporate administration and risk management

· Proficient in Microsoft office