What inspires Trinidad and Tobago Fashion?

It is said that our clothes are often an expression of our spirit and character. In Trinidad and Tobago fashion is influenced by the various cultures; African, Indian, Syrian, Lebanese, Chinese, to name a few. Like our people, our style is well mixed and unique. One local designer, Claudia Pegus, likened it to that of the Trinbagonian dish callaloo – ‘a little of this and a little of that’.

Nature, and the beauty of the twin islands play a significant part in the local fashion aesthetic. The colours, sights, and the easy breezy flow of island life brings inspiration to many local designers as it can be depicted in many of their pieces. Over the years Trinidad and Tobago Fashion has received greater international attention. With the emergence of Resort/Cruise fashion, the Caribbean is looked to as a source of inspiration for various collections. This provides great opportunity for local designers who have already mastered the art of capturing the Caribbean in their work, to showcase their abilities on an international level. The local fashion industry has a lot to offer. The talent pool grows every year and it’s essential that opportunities grow along with it. 4 5 That’s why this documentary, Haute Caribe: The World of Trinidad and Tobago Fashion, gives deeper insight into what inspires Trinidad and Tobago Fashion from the lips of some of the most influential local designers. To see the full documentary visit: http://www.hautecaribe.com/      

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