Trinidad and Tobago Creative Industries Company Limited (CreativeTT) Workplace Response to COVID19

Dear Valued Stakeholders,  

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago, The Office of the Prime Minister held a press briefing on the 12th September, 2020, wherein it has extended the order for non-essentials to remain physically closed until 11th October 2020, with a review to be done on 26th September 2020. As such, CreativeTT in accordance with this directive will remain closed to the public at #47 Long Circular Road, St. James and we will continue to work remotely.  

We have taken the necessary steps to ensure business continuity to serve our stakeholders remotely through our digital communication tools and call forwarding mechanisms. Our Management team will ensure availability via email and social media channels for our continued operations.   

Our online webinars and training sessions continue, of which more information and details can be found via our social media channels on Facebook and or Instagram @MusicofTT, @DiscoverFilmTT and @FashionofTT. 

As we all work together to overcome these challenging times, we must continue to do our best to limit the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. We encourage you to continue to observe the recommended hygienic practices to help prevent the spread of the virus; and to be mindful of those who may be more vulnerable around you. By observing these practices, you can help protect yourself, your family and your community. 

Thank you for your understanding at this time and we will continue to keep you updated going forward. 

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