Trini Artistes ready for global success with MusicTT “Project Spotlight” EP Launch

The bright future of the music industry is once again taking over the national limelight, with the highly anticipated Project Spotlight EP Launch which took place on Friday 26th February 2021. The hybrid event, which was hosted in-person and virtually by The Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Limited (MusicTT), is the culmination of the State company’s popular Spotlight Programme – an initiative aimed at creating a strong, balanced, upskilled portfolio of artistes and musicians prepared for a range of international export opportunities. The latest “Project Spotlight” collaborative body of work from the third (3rd) cohort of the Spotlight Programme features original music from eight (8) artistes: Aaron Ifill, Aisha Noel, Alethea, DNA 868 Muzik, Juss Lizz, Leah Richards, Mahalia Thomas and Monique La Chapelle.

The brand-new EP is a single-issue release and will be shopped to international music catalogues for sync opportunities. “Project Spotlight” is also available on a world stage via various streaming platforms. General Manager of MusicTT, Melissa Jimenez, is thrilled by the continued thrust for strong artist development in the twin-island Republic, which she notes is a key cornerstone for global music success. “The mission of this programme has always been simple: to give our artistes an opportunity to experience well-rounded development of their talent in real-time, which is critical to accessing and capitalizing on international opportunities,” she explained of the nearly year-long initiative. ‘Project Spotlight’ is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication from these talented artistes and music professionals that share in a bigger vision of music industry excellence.”

MusicTT engaged the services of titans in the industry to bring “Project Spotlight” to life, including expert involvement from Executive Producer Darryl Gervais, who is one of the most sought-after music professionals in the Caribbean. Gervais, who is a seasoned songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago, has successfully contributed to the global music industry with album contributions and growing catalogues for MegaTrax, Universal Music Australia, LA Records, Netflix, to name a few. “Music is an evolving art, and the Caribbean is unique in showcasing a range of influences in our culture. Working with these 8 diverse artistes for the “Project Spotlight” EP over the last year has not only a testament to the exceptional abilities that we have right here at home, but exposing them to a global quality standard of production sets the tone of expectations for our industry to push for greatness, develop the talent the right way and take our place alongside the brightest and best on the international stage.”

The production and mixing services were done by Jhay C of HCL, one of Australia’s most successful Urban Pop producer/writers who has multiple song placements in over 400 shows globally and in the US on networks such as: MTV, DISNEY, NBC, FOX, Netflix and major sports franchises ESPN, UFC, NBA, NFL and WWE. He has also had his songs featured on major films such as Hugh Jackman’s ‘Loganʼ and the ʼSimone Biles Story’.

The “Project Spotlight” EP is now available across all major streaming platforms for all music lovers:


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