The Weekend Screens at The Belize International Film Festival

Sean Hodgkinson’s The Weekend heads to the Belize International Film Festival

On the heels of its sold out screenings at the trinidad + tobago film festival in September, The Weekend’s International Premiere is slated for the Belize International Film Festival in November.

“At first glance, our film is about a group of Trinis with a lot of history who decide to spend a weekend together in a beach house in Blanchiseusse,” said Hodgkinson. “But that is just scratching the surface, what we have really done is use comedy to address pertinent issues that are often swept under the rug in Trinidad and Tobago.”

The Weekend was produced under Rabid Squirrel Studios, the indie arm of Quirky Films. This project marks Hodgkinson’s third time at the Belize International Film Festival following screenings of A Story About Wendy 2 and Trafficked.

“We are really proud of what the film has accomplished,” said producer Aurora Herrera,

“The journey from brain storming in Kia’s porch, to the collaborative process in developing the script with the cast then fast forward to the film festival in Trinidad and now our first international screening, to say that I am elated is an understatement.” Herrera adds, ”We would also like to use this opportunity to thank FLOW, for supporting local filmmakers and providing a platform for local content to be seen as The Weekend is now available on FLOW’s Video On Demand Platform (AVS TV)”

The Weekend’s cast includes Stephen Hadeed Jr., Andrew Friday, Chris Smith, Kia Rollock, Ayanna Cezanne, Cindy F. Daniel, Frances de Lancey, Anokha Baptiste,and introduces newcomers David Cogdell, Kealan Branellec, Mark Wallace and Naila King.

The Weekend screens at the Belize International Film Festival on Saturday November 11th at 130 PM at the Bliss Centre.

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