The New Virtual Shopping Mall: E-Line

E-Line Commerce Ltd. will give merchants a space on their virtual shopping mall, and will open the doors to customers to shop locally online. Retailers will get a personalized online store front complete with space for three banners and a logo, authenticated under their SSL Secured website for customers to make purchases directly from the online page. Along with the unique store front, the platform comes with a fully functional ‘real time’ back office to analyse purchases and other informative data relevant to stock inventory and understanding personal customers.  Simply put, no building rent, no salaries, no electricity bill, no parking, no hassle, no traffic, no long lines for stores' customers.

With E-Line, customers have the ability to compare prices with other local stores and be able to make confident purchases based on pricing, E-Line discounts and coupons services, and even retailers' sales. Customers can browse and shop to their heart's desire without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

E-Line promises to:

Provide customers with: a) Quality customer service b) Convenience – shop at your favourite stores from home and get it delivered. c) Security – Safe and secure shopping sites d) Savings[spacer height="20px"]

Provide merchants with: a) Low cost – Fully integrated e-commerce store b) Delivery for e-commerce products c) Digital Marketing support d) Increased Store Sales

E-Line sees retailers competing with the larger international markets as these markets are becoming more and more readily available. It is evident that customers prefer ease of access, less traffic, more convenience and better prices. For E-Line, they are the solution to enhance the quality of the nation’s online presence and marketing capabilities so as to compete internationally and help local merchants improve sales.

Click here to visit the E-Line site and begin shopping or selling with ease! Plans for retailers vary based on size and other needs.