The Hideout Clothing

The Hideout Clothing is a fashion line that was inspired from the retail store, “The Hideout Clothing Store.” Owners Sebastien Gibert and Rashad Rodriguez opened the store in 2012; they now have 2 locations, Long Circular Mall, St. James & Gulf City Mall, San Fernando. The Hideout Clothing Store carries many of the top international street-wear and urban brands, which the owners associate with their own personal style.

Originally, Sebastien and Rashad began designing, printing and embroidering their own tees’ as work uniforms. Eventually, customers started asking what was the brand the employees were wearing and requested to purchase. Everything happened organically, and becoming fashion designers was never in the game plan. However, because of the high demand from the customers the duo could not ignore this opportunity. Since then, Sebastien and Rashad have made several collections, with one international collection under their belt and two more already designed and ready for production.

Being a clothing line from Trinidad, international opportunities are limited. The Hideout Clothing has already been to the AGENDA tradeshow in Las Vegas as sellers, aligning the brand among top urban/street-wear brands. After this, Sebastien and Rashad have made the long and arduous trip (usually done by sales reps with years of experience) on their own to visit retail-clothing stores throughout the United States. They have driven up and down the entire West and East coasts.

Upon entering every store and speaking to owners/buyers and employees, the first thing that the two say is “My name is … we are from Trinidad in the Caribbean and have our own clothing line – The Hideout Clothing”. Many were blown away that they are from such a small country, far away, making these strides and taking the risk to pursue their dreams. Some didn’t even know where Trinidad was or heard of it; to which the two quickly educated them. Thankfully for the duo, persistence pays off and they have currently successfully locked in 40 orders with different stores across the world.

Currently, they are in the process of shipping out all orders for the Holiday 17 Collection – Prosper to the retailers in the USA, Canada, Bermuda, Chile and Japan. They can now say that with support from ExporTT and FashionTT that as a brand, they have made the big step of having their first international collection. They have been doing the groundwork and have been hands on every step of the way. With this knowledge and their dedication and commitment to The Hideout Clothing, Sebastien and Rashad only see growth in their future with every new collection expanding and gaining more exposure than the last. The journey to becoming a major international player in the clothing industry and representing Trinidad & Tobago continues for these two young entrepreneurs/hustlers and now fashion designers.

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