The Cutlass for VOD in US, Canada

Source: Newsday

Award-winning local thriller The Cutlass is being made available on video on demand (VOD) throughout the United States and Canada.

Writer/producer Teneille Newallo said in a telephone interview the team is very excited and it is a big step for a local film to be on VOD.

“It means it is accessible to the entire diaspora in Canada and the US. We are excited to share it with everyone over there waiting to see it.”

The film, directed by Darisha J Beresford, was inspired by true events and tells the story of a young woman named Joanna (German-born and Tobago-raised Lisa-bel Hirschman) who is kidnapped and taken into the forest of Trinidad by a sociopath named Al (Trinidadian actor Arnold Goindhan). US actor Kirk Baltz (Reservoir Dogs) stars as Joanna’s father.

The Cutlass took home Best TT Feature and People’s Choice at the 2016 TT Film Festival and also won awards at the Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Canada and at the Ft Lauderdale International Film Festival and also had a successful run in TT and the Caribbean. Newallo said at the two US screenings both the Caribbean and US audiences loved the film.

According to a release the film has rebranded itself and will be setting another benchmark for local film with the VOD release on December 12. Newallo said the distributor Wild Eye Releasing decided to change to poster to better target the American audience. The film will be accessible on Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, ITunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, VUDU, Xbox, Fandango Now and Sling Television.