San Fernando Fashion Week 2017 – “Freedom Expressions : Many Cultures One People

Photo: Clothing by Ryan Barkley (Guyana)

San Fernando Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago: San Fernando Fashion Week Trinidad (SFFWT) 2017 marks the staging of the 13th edition of this phenomenal exposition themed “FREEDOM Expressions : Many Cultures One People,” to take place In April with its mission of promoting creative and talented designers to establish their space within the fashion sector whilst assisting them with marketing, branding and the business side of fashion. San Fernando Fashion Week TT has given a loud voice to labels which need and have the right to be seen by the public and the buying market. By doing this, it will also help in driving the point home that the fashion market must not be held down by anyone but be promoted as a level play field ruled by standards open team of  people who are willing to help all fashion lovers and all other interested groups to better grow this sector. The organisers of this event seek to continue with this  milestone in the Trinidad&Tobago  fashion scene by blending it with regional and international fashion emerging brands and creatives . It will also be an opportunity for local designers to get exposure from the local and regional media in  attendance. The event also seeks to position its practitioners, not only to increase their visibility but to promote the enormous economic potential within the sectors to create Self employment. Countries being represented at this years event include St.Kitts/Nevis, Guyana and Trinidad.  

Ultimately SFFWT elevates the status of the local fashion sector and seeks to establish a global competitiveness. All in all, SFFWT provides a strategic and essential platform for merchandising and branding for both the local and Caribbean fashion sectors extended to include  flim -Make-up Hairstylist -photography- Model Training – etc. Through the vision set by the SFFWT committee and its director to expose more fashion events and to promote diversification towards this sector and to build meaningful incentives to develop this field. Fashion is certainly a good medium to send positive messages through because of the masses it reaches. In keeping with this year’s theme — “FREEDOM Expression , Many Cultures One People” — this year’s edition will be in search of tailors/cutters pattern makers, for the building of small manufacturing space at home for local and Caribbean orders. This will also include creative people in the areas of leather and craft, as well as jewelry etc.

To keep abreast with San Fernando Fashion Week Trinidad 2017 connect to sanfernandofashionweek on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, or e-mail or call  3728119/ 722-6059 or 335-4155 for more information.