Panels, Performances and Networking at RVRB Experience!

Port of Spain, 13th September 2021: The Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Limited (MusicTT) is thrilled to announce RVRB Experience 2021, a music conference featuring 30+ Speakers from 6+ countries that will take place from September 29th to October 1st, 2021. This first incarnation of the RVRB Experience will be live-streamed and features a variety of sessions that allow attendees to explore music trends, discover music companies, find out what’s happening in the Caribbean and the wider world of music, network and discover new artistes.

“The central theme of the conference is “The Future is Bright”; an answer to the reverberations of the pandemic that have deeply affected the livelihood of nations for the past two years,” stated John Arnold, Chairman of MusicTT. “It has also positively spiked innovation, spurred critical thinking and encouraged cultural resiliency. We have to be resilient and find the pathways that new opportunities open for us.”

Over the 3-day period, the RVRB Experience 2021 will focus on; Rebirth and Transformation, how the music industry in the Caribbean has been forced to re-evaluate business services, policies, e-commerce and more; Data Driven Future, using data to propel businesses and brands; and Festival Culture, a look at challenges, best practices, music cities and incorporating tech.

“MusicTT is excited to host this experience. In a world where every industry has been impacted by COVID-19, we have also had to adapt and remain resilient to ensure that we uphold our mandate to facilitate and stimulate growth in the local music industry. There is hope for the future and we will explore that, and more, at RVRB Experience 2021.” stated Melissa Jimenez, General Manager of MusicTT.

The lineup of presenters, panelists and partners include digital tech extraordinaire Keron Rose who will deliver the keynote on ‘The Power of Data Analytics’; Keith Kirk, Music Metadata Curator; Artist Manager, Television Producer and Entertainment Entrepreneur Sonja Norwood; Social Media Influencer Bella Sookdeo; Music Producer Cleon Richardson; Motif Music Services, Caribbean Ideas Synapse and many more.

RVRB Experience was born out of an existing initiative under MusicTT’s Music Export Academy, RVRB webinar series. This monthly webinar series consists of hour-long episodes hosted by an industry expert to build the professional capacity of operators in the music industry. RVRB Experience will now take this initiative to a whole new level!

For more information on RVRB Experience, or to sign up, visit or follow @musicoftt on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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