MusicTT Says “Let’s Meet at the X!”

RVRB X 2023

Port of Spain, May 2 2023: On May 1st, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Limited (MusicTT) held a Media Launch for the 3rd annual RVRB eXperience Music Conference at The Brix – Autograph Collection. RVRB eXperience will take place on July 5th – 7th 2023 with this year’s theme being InSync, which will focus on the areas of investments, synchronization and music in film. Early bird registration opens on May 8th. MusicTT also launched a new look for the brand, RVRB X, along with its new tagline “Let’s Meet at the X”.

The event, hosted by CreativeTT’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Josanne Lord, opened with a welcome by Mr. John Arnold, Chairman of MusicTT. Mr. Arnold spoke about his excitement and expectations for this year’s conference, “This year, focusing on synchronization is a good step. It’s laser-focused in terms of really pitching to persons who are involved in this aspect of the music industry, which is very important. I’m looking forward to it and I hope that everyone makes an attempt to be there.”

Also present was Ayleen Alleyne Ovid, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, who also gave opening remarks solidifying and emphasizing the Ministry’s continued support of the music conference and MusicTT, “The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), through the Trinidad and Tobago Music Company (MusicTT), continues to be an advocate for the development of the Music industry and this Conference is evidence of Government’s ongoing commitment to building talent and export capacity in this industry.” PS Alleyne Ovid also focused on the importance of synchronization, “It is worth noting that the theme of this year’s Conference is “In Sync” focusing on exploring opportunities for our local artistes to have their music incorporated in international films. According to the IFPI, the global Music Sync Licensing sector accounts for more than US$1.1 billion in revenues annually. It, therefore, provides a very lucrative market for music, from which artistes from Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean can benefit.”

Delivering the feature address was Melissa Jimenez, MusicTT’s General Manager. She spoke about the success of the past 2 RVRB eXperience conferences, citing that to date, the conference has showcased 64 artistes, engaged 87 international and local speakers over 45 sessions, backed by 22 partner companies to an audience of over 49 thousand viewers from 32 countries. She extended an invitation to the Caribbean community to attend the event, thereby adding to the richness and diversity of discussions in the room.

Ms. Jimenez broke down and dissected the year’s theme into sub-themes – investing in music, is a crucial aspect that can help support artists and their creativity; synchronization, RVRB eXperience will explore this theme further, discussing topics such as music licensing, the creative process behind the music in sync, and hearing from agents, and publishing houses; and music in film, which is an exciting and rapidly growing field for songwriters, composers and arrangers. Music is an essential component in films, enhancing the viewing experience and creating an emotional connection with the audience.

At the end of her address, Ms. Jimenez unveiled the new RVRB X logo and branding, “Lastly, to add to the excitement of today’s launch, we would like to draw your attention to the new logo and branding. It was important for us to rebrand RVRB eXperience so that it stands out but can still stand with other international music conferences. It needed to be futuristic, attention-grabbing, attractive and versatile. “Let’s Meet at the X” serves as the conference’s slogan and annual call to action beckoning to the music community across the Caribbean and the rest of the world to come, join us.”

As is the trend for RVRB X, this year’s conference will have a phenomenal lineup in the area of music publishing, music supervisors, sync agents, investment companies and so on.

MusicTT would like to thank its existing sponsors and partners: The Brix Autograph Collection, FilmTT, GSD Productions, AS Brydens, Paradox Studios, Life in Trinidad and Tobago and TT Directory. RVRB X invites other sponsors to meet us at the X to help grow and nurture this brand. Interested persons can reach out to

MusicTT invites you to stay tuned to the conference website and all social platforms (@musicoftt) to keep up with the rollout of presenters and mentors and all things RVRB X.

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