MusicTT Launches Third Project Spotlight Album

PSIII Launch

Port of Spain, November 7 2022: “Exciting”, “Riveting”, “Inspiring”, “Emotional”; these were some of the words patrons used to describe the launch of the Project Spotlight III album. The Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Limited (MusicTT) held an intimate Red-Carpet Premiere at IMAX on November 3rd for its Spotlight programme, which was attended by artistes, ministry officials, programme facilitators, influencers and music industry professionals. The album was then officially launched for the world to see on Friday, November 4th on MusicTT’s YouTube channel. The third album in the Project Spotlight series was executive produced by MusicTT and Darryl Gervais, who is one of the most sought-after Trinbagonian songwriters internationally and the production and mixing services were done by Jhay C of Hit Music Labs, one of Australia’s most successful Urban Pop producer/writers who has multiple song placements in over 400 shows globally and in the US.

At the premiere, guests were entertained by one of Spotlight alumna, pannist Mahalia Thomas, and guitarist Gregory Pantin. Guests were also treated to a preview of the showcase that was publicly aired the next day. The Project Spotlight III featured performances and interviews by all the Spotlight artistes on the album, Milo Strings (Daniel Roberts), Nzingha Job, Yani Music (Iantha Narace), Zuwena, Emmanuel Joseph, Renee Lawrence and Spotlight Alumni Rai Hana (Raihana Khan) and Miss Renuka (Radha Mahabir).

Speaking at the premiere were MusicTT’s Chairman, John Arnold and General Manager, Melissa Jimenez as well as the Lead Consultant for Spotlight Cycle 5, Josh Rudder. Melissa Jimenez took us on a journey likening the launch to a “Blockbuster”, and paid homage to former MusicTT staff, Ms. Jeanelle Frontin (former General Manager) and Ms. Rissa Woo Chong (former Project Officer) who laid the foundation for the Spotlight programme. She went on to encourage stakeholders in the room by revealing information regarding a possible international deal where she stated “There are offers on the table such as the buy-out of one of the albums by a global tech giant at $80,000 USD per song which is under consideration. This shows the viability of and grandeur of what could be. And, even if the deal never happens, it still tells us that we are on the right track.” to which the audience echoed their agreement with screams and a hearty applause.

Ms. Jimenez went on to speak to the successes coming out of the Spotlight Programme: “The Spotlight programme to date has had 39 participants, with 2 artists receiving sync-deals. Some artists have reported an increase in performance opportunities afforded as a result of MusicTT’s promotion, as well as an increase in their fan base to their social accounts. All artists were also featured on global stages such as the Music Imbizo conference, South Africa 2020, MusicTT’s RVRB Experience conferences 2021 and 2022, the Dubai EXPO 2021, and at several Trinidad and Tobago embassy events across the world.”

Mr. Josh Rudder stated in his speech that “Our job was to look at all the areas that we needed to work with the artiste on and provide the right resources, skill and experience in the industry,” He then turned to the Spotlight artistes, “MusicTT has equipped you with the knowledge and experience many artistes would not have had the opportunity to gain. It is in your hands now. This music industry has its challenges, all industries have their challenges, life has its challenges. The question is what do you do with those challenges and how are you going to move past them? Let the main ingredient to a successful music career be passion. It’s a main stepping stone to success, add to that, purpose, perseverance, discipline and consistency.”

Project Spotlight is an ongoing element of the Spotlight Programme. It is the final project which involves the writing, production, recording and release of an album of original songs that have been crafted with the intent to be shopped internationally for sync placement in films, television and other media. The album features 8 songs by the current crop of Spotlight Artists with two features from Spotlight Alumni.

Project Spotlight I featured Juss Lizz, Alethea, Monique La Chappelle, DNA 868 Muzik, Aaron Ifill, Leah Richards, Mahalia Thomas and Aisha Noel and was released on February 26th 2021. Project Spotlight II featured Blair Thompson, Yelena, Ishana, Shurnelle Spencer, Carlton Louison and Spotlight Alumni Candice Caton and was released on January 14th 2022 and features 2 collaboration songs by the entire group. All albums were executive produced by MusicTT and Darryl Gervais and the production and mixing services were done by Jhay C.

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