MusicTT launches Project Spotlight II Album

Port of Spain, 17th January 2022: The Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Limited (MusicTT) launched its ‘Project Spotlight II’ album, which premiered virtually via MusicTT’s Facebook page and YouTube channel on Friday 14th January 2022. The event was free to the public and showcased amazing performances by six Spotlight artistes.

‘Project Spotlight II’ is an eight-track Album produced by MusicTT and features Blair, Carlton Louison, Candice Caton, Ishana, Shurnelle and Yelena; six artistes who have successfully completed the training process of the Spotlight Programme. The album is a single-issue release and will be shopped to international music catalogues for sync opportunities. It is also now available to the public via all major streaming platforms.

MusicTT engaged the services of music industry powerhouses, Darryl Gervais and Jhay C to make Project Spotlight II a reality. Darryl Gervais, one of the most sought-after songwriters in the Caribbean who has successfully contributed to albums and growing catalogues for MegaTrax, Universal Music Australia, LA Records, Netflix, to name a few, was brought on once again as the Executive Producer of ‘Project Spotlight II’. The production and mixing services were done by Jhay C of Hit Music Labs, one of Australia’s most successful Urban Pop producers/writers who has multiple song placements in over 400 shows globally and in the US on networks such as MTV, DISNEY, NBC, FOX, Netflix and major sports franchises ESPN, UFC, NBA, NFL and WWE.

“In all my travels and collaborations throughout my career, I’ve always stood very firm in my belief that we have a wealth of talent here in Trinidad and Tobago. Jhay C and I are very honoured to be part of an initiative like Project Spotlight and the opportunity to work with some of these Trinbagonian gems.” Darryl Gervais.

“I am very proud of what these artistes have been able to accomplish. Project Spotlight II is the product of hard work and dedication of our Spotlight artistes with the support of MusicTT and the many other music industry professionals who all have the same passion and drive to teach, steer and develop our local musical talent. We continue to work towards building the T&T brand on the international music scene. We have seen many movements toward this with Trinbagonian artistes and want to continue to encourage them in their craft and let them know that we are here to help.” Melissa Jimenez, General Manager, MusicTT.

For more information on the Project Spotlight, visit or follow @musicoftt on Instagram and Facebook for updates. Project Spotlight II can be streamed via all major streaming platforms.

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