MusicTT Invites T&T to Join Commonwealth Music Relay

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Port of Spain, April 22, 2024: On behalf of Key Music Relay Leader for Trinidad and Tobago, Aliyah Ramatally, the Trinidad and Tobago Music Company Limited (MusicTT) is thrilled to extend an invitation to participate in the Commonwealth Music Relay. This innovative initiative aims to unite young musicians and composers from across the Commonwealth in a musical journey that celebrates diversity and creativity.

The Commonwealth Music Relay started with five young composers from diverse backgrounds who crafted a mesmerizing piece titled ‘Symphony’. It premiered at the prestigious Commonwealth Youth Awards ceremony held at St James’s Palace, London, United Kingdom, in September 2023. ‘Symphony’ embodies the essence of unity and harmony. The relay seeks to carry this melody across the Commonwealth, similar to passing a baton in a relay race.

Participation in the relay is open to musicians and composers 30 years and under of all levels of expertise. Participants from each Commonwealth country are invited to put their creative spin on ‘Symphony’, infusing it with their unique cultural elements and musical styles thereby creating their own interpretation. Once completed, the rendition should be recorded and passed on to another participant, continuing the musical journey across borders.

“This is a really innovative and exciting initiative being put forward. The Commonwealth Music Relay offers young musicians and composers an opportunity to show the world their talent through this highly interactive competition,” said Melissa Jimenez, General Manager, MusicTT.

As the journey unfolds, the final versions of ‘Symphony’- enriched by the diverse contributions of young talents from across the Commonwealth- will be showcased on an interactive world map available online. This world map will be featured during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM) in Samoa in October 2024. Additionally, a special concert will be organized in London in association with CHOGM 2024 to highlight outstanding musical performances of the Commonwealth Music Relay.

“The Commonwealth Resounds continues to create unique music opportunities for the youth of the Commonwealth. Join us on the journey that is the Commonwealth Music Relay in embracing the innate power of music to inspire and connect us all. Let’s show the world Trinidad and Tobago’s incomparable ties to music; how deeply our musical culture has been cultivated throughout our history to create a diverse and multicultural outburst of eclectic music unparalleled to that around the world.” – Aliyah Ramatally.

Aliyah Ramatally
Aliyah Ramatally, Key Music Relay Leader for Trinidad and Tobago

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