Musicians told to do more listening

Source: Newsday

Local musicians were today provided with the knowledge and skills to embark on their music careers successfully by American record producer Salaam Remi.

Remi is well-known internationally for his association with Nas, Amy Winehouse, the Fugees, Fergie, Estelle and Miguel, and for his reggae-tinged approach to production.

Speaking at a symposium hosted by Music TT held at Central Bank Auditorium entitled Feel the Beat, Remi told a small audience, they must be able to listen to their artists before any beat can be produced to promote a great song.

“Not only artists need to up their game but everyone in the music industry needs to get on board to promote great music. I think it is all about perspective when you have purpose to do something. Sometimes you have to listen before you talk.

“You need to understand the person and what they are about and what is their interest. If you are working and you want to get your point across then you are looking for the best vehicle to actually do that to carry a song. Artists get inspired, robots get programmed.”