Local Production Facility to Boost T&T’s Fashion Industry

Later this year, T&T’s state-of-the-art garment production facility will open its doors providing local designers with the infrastructure they need to boost production and revenue. The facility will be opened with FashionTT’s partner, the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), and will not only create a winning situation for designers but also for the country at large.  

Some of the major benefits to be derived from this facility are:

•    Employment for local citizens: This facility will create jobs for T&T citizens involved in a wide range of fields including tailoring, engineering and sales. This facility will also fill the void in local fashion job market for newly graduated university students.

•    Access to a world class production facility for local designers: Currently, there is no existing local production facility for designers and low production volume is a major drawback of the local fashion industry. This facility will help to remedy this situation by providing local designers with access to an efficient labour force and high-quality machinery to increase output of their products.

•    Allowing designers to fulfil orders locally and regionally at a reduced rate:  Many designers have been unable to meet order quantity within the desired time due to operational setbacks and financial restraints. The facility will be a cost-effective alternative to current production options.

•    Reduced production cost by providing world class quality garments at affordable prices: Reduced production costs will allow designers to provide world class quality garments at affordable prices. Derived savings can then be further invested into other areas of their fashion business.  

•    Industry growth and development of the local fashion industry: Due to fluctuating oil and gas prices, the government sees diversification of the economy as a necessity. The fashion industry is expected to bring in much needed revenue for the country. The creation of the production facility will increase productivity and by extension, exports. FashionTT hopes to ensure the sustainability of the fashion industry in the long run with this facility. 

•    Increasing export activities for the fashion industry: Designers will be able to produce garments of the same quality and consistency. This is particularly important for export, in keeping with international manufacturing standards and proper brand representation. The facility will help enable designers to fulfil export orders as well as produce garments for regional designers.

In 2017, FashionTT will continue its efforts to ensure that the local production facility opens in the third quarter of the 2016/2017 fiscal year. The creation of this production facility goes hand in hand with FashionTT’s mandate to stimulate and facilitate the business development and export activity of the fashion industry in Trinidad and Tobago to generate national wealth. 

Stay tuned to FashionTT’s website and social media for more details as this project unfolds.