Local Designers hosted at MADE868 Mixer

MADE868 Mixer

Port of Spain, November 14 2022: The Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Company Limited (FashionTT), in partnership with the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), hosted a networking mixer on November 5th for local designers and fashion industry professionals at their Local Production Facility, MADE868. Those who attended also networked with members of the FashionTT and UTT staff while getting an intimate view of the operations of the facility.

Present at the mixer were various Designers and Brands including Kimo, Shaun Griffith Perez, SMWARNER, J Angelique, Rack PDH, Island Fella and Loud by Afiya amongst many others. Sight was made of Roger Roach, Owner of Lazzuri Apparel and known Industry Ambassadors such as Kezia Lendor, Nelly B. and Mel Gabriel who were highly enthused by MADE868’s offerings and commended the work of the facility’s staff. The designer community enjoyed themselves and embraced the idea of the facility contributing positively to the industry.

“The mixer enabled an environment for our stakeholders to come together to network and collaborate on the various beneficial opportunities arising within the fashion sector whilst perusing the operations of the 4,500 sq ft Production Space. Designers were treated to live demos on fabric and 3D printing which showcased all the capabilities of the machinery and the various options for any order in terms of prints. The 3D printer produces items such as earrings, ornaments and so much more. These mixers will be hosted annually to continue to foster widespread awareness of the capabilities of MADE868 which essentially can serve as the production hub for T&T and the English-Speaking Caribbean,” Lisa-Marie Daniel, General Manager, FashionTT.

Also present to support FashionTT’s efforts were members of the parent and sister companies: Calvin Bijou, Chairman, CreativeTT; Melissa Jimenez, General Manager, MusicTT; Leslie Ann Wills-Caton, General Manager, FilmTT and Josanne Lord, Marketing and Communications Manager, CreativeTT. “We were all proud to witness the outcome of the hard work done by FashionTT and UTT for this event and the facility at large. Networking with the designers and witnessing their awe at the facility’s many possibilities was truly worthwhile,” Josanne Lord.

MADE868 which officially opened to the public on January 17, 2022, serves as a hub for both local and regional designers and provides quality products and services inclusive of cutting and sewing garments, laser cutting, 3-D printing and digital fabric printing.

Sandra Carr, CAFD Programme Leader, who was also a key organizer of the mixer, stated, “You may have an idea, you may have a concept but you don’t know where to take that…we at MADE868 will guide you through the process and make sure it is exactly what you want and more. Come engage with us and you will never regret it. We are saying to the creative community that the possibilities are endless; you dream it and MADE868 will bring it to reality.”

To learn more about MADE868, visit www.fashiontt.co.tt/made868. To keep up-to-date on what’s happening with FashionTT, follow the Facebook and Instagram pages: @fashionoftt.


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