Laura Narayansingh

Laura is a Registered Architect and a director of ACLA architecture, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s first indigenous architectural practices. She is focused on illuminating Trinidad’s history and culture through architecture and design and is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects. As a student, of classical architecture and new urbanism, Laura strives to bring the beauty of order and discipline to the built environment. She strongly believes that a country’s architecture is a reflection of its culture. Though small in population, there is no one obvious or defining Trinidadian culture, therefore, defining a unique Trinidadian architectural language is enormously complex. However, it remains a necessary task that we find cohesive, nuanced ways of articulating our style as a people. This is the kind of investigating that fuels Laura’s work as a designer. She is involved in a diverse range of local design practices including, but not limited to, costume and fashion design.