How to Make it in the Music Industry

People just getting started in the music industry have a lot to consider. From making creative decisions about the material, to choosing between going solo or making a band, to figuring out which investments make the most sense to get you up on your feet. Everyone would have at least a few concerns about their expected path. Everyone, especially musicians and performers (like all other artists) often become consumed with burning questions like, is this going to be too hard? Will the people understand and love me? Will I be succesful and make it? Will I still be able to ‘eat-ah-food’ while doing this?

This predicament, can be a very frightening, very real experience. A manifestation of purgatory in which one may find themself that can sometimes even be paralyzing. These are, however, pretty valid concerns which luckily can all be answered by the great, all-knowing and all-seeing Oz, (or as most of us refer to it, the internet) an ever-resoureful, nearly infinite, repository of advice addressing most of the concerns that up-and-commers may have when starting out.

Nick Gatfield, Chairman and CEO of Sony Music UK, one of the leading music companies in the world, (vertically integrated from production to distribution) and boasting a repetoire of some of the world’s biggest acts, onced shared some great tips on how to weather the seemingly overwhelming challenge of getting into the music industry from the perspective of an executive. Gatfield himself became an exec after being a member of one of the UK’s most successful bands from the 1980’s. Here’s what he had to say.