FilmTT thrilled to announce the launch of Hot Ones – Caribbean

Port of Spain, 23rd February, 2021: The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Limited (FilmTT) has been working with partners in the industry to develop, drive and sustain the creative industry. In a time where the global film industry is re-inventing itself, FilmTT is thrilled to collaborate with Tempo Networks and their US media partner Complex Networks to launch the Caribbean Franchise of Hot Ones.

Fourteen seasons, hundreds of episodes, over one billion views, A-list celebrities, hot questions and even hotter wings, Hot Ones also boast of a list of celebrity guest including Kevin Hart, Beyonce, DJ Khaled, Gabrielle Union, Halle Berry, just to name a few. The show and its host have been awarded five times over two years for their innovative ideas and contribution to pop culture

The Caribbean is a natural place for the expansion of the Hot Ones, and Trinidad & Tobago is certainly known for bringing the heat, home to some of the hottest peppers on the planet. Featuring all variations of local peppers, we are sure the Moruga Scorpion and Scorpion ‘Butch T’ peppers will have our celebrities burning while they answer questions about their lives and careers.

The first season of Hot Ones Caribbean will enlist a full local production and commercial team to work with A-List celebrities and to partner with brands to represent who we are as a people. Trinidad and Tobago will produce the hottest Hot Ones – Caribbean series. The series will reveal the beauty of our country, the people, the places, the diversity and the opportunities for business.

“We are happy and honoured to welcome Hot Ones Caribbean to our shores and look forward to working with the team to showcase our world-renowned peppers and by extension country to the world through this great initiative with Tempo Networks and US-based Complex Networks” Leslie-Ann Wills-Caton – General Manager FilmTT

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