FilmTT Stakeholder Meeting – Q&A | Part 1

Photo caption: Nneka Luke, General Manager of FilmTT.

FilmTT thanks all persons who attended the Stakeholder Meeting on Monday 10th July, 2017 and also thanks those who could not make it but submitted their questions online. Unfortunately, time did not allow us to address all questions and concerns on the day, so here are our responses to those queries.


  • How can we teach people to fish instead of depending on fish?
    • We can do this by through a strategic focus on developing the foundation elements of a thriving and sustainable economic sector, upon which, T&T producers can develop their businesses.

  • Would there be a film score seminar during the Film Festival?
    • The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (ttff) and FilmTT are two separate entities— the ttff is a festival run by a private organisation, while FilmTT is the state agency with the responsibility for driving development of the film and audio-visual sector; FilmTT reports to the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
    • Capacity building in the sector is one of FilmTT’s responsibilities, and we will be looking at how to do that in a comprehensive way (that also involves establishment of standards through some form of certification, in all aspects of production) in the near future.

  • Would there be a music business seminar specifically for film?
    • FilmTT and CreativeTT can consider this idea for future capacity building programmes.

  • Will there be any opportunities through FilmTT to network with other film composers outside of Trinidad and Tobago?
    • Great point raised here about the importance of scoring and music for film, and we can consider for future capacity building programmes.

  • I am interested in learning animation to create short films, documentaries. Is this possible through FilmTT?
    • The animation programmes at UTT is a good place to start to get into animation; check their website for details – Also, the Animae Caribe Animation and Digital Media Festival, which takes place every October, is also a good platform for exploring the world of animation and the feasibility as a career.


  • How can a total beginner begin her/his film career, in whatever role, and will there be stakeholders at the event willing to take on protégés or interns and in turn create more active participation in the field?
    • Internship – Register on FilmTT’s Production Directory, under the Interns section, so you would be part of a registry where both local and international productions can find you.
    • T&T Film Festivals – go to T&T festivals to meet filmmakers and producers with whom you can network and offer your services/express your interest in learning. The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival takes place in September; Animae Caribe in October; Green Screen Environmental Film Festival (which in the last two years has started to develop local content) takes place in November. Check their websites and social media channels.

Part 2 of this article will be published on 20th July, 2017. 

Photo courtesy: Bain Photography