FashionTT’s Webinars Resume with Retail Management

Dr Barney Pacheco

Port of Spain, February 2 2023: The Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Company Limited (FashionTT) and The University of the West Indies (The UWI) have resumed their capacity-building webinars for 2023. To date, 5 webinars have been hosted, which have taken place on the first Saturday of each month in 2022. This upcoming webinar with Facilitator Dr. Barney Pacheco will focus on Retail Management and how to navigate the new normal using the resources and tools available to designers to maximize their potential in the retail and e-commerce spaces. FashionTT invites interested persons to register for the online webinar which will take place on Saturday 4th February at 12:30 PM via the GoTo Meetings platform.

In this webinar, participants will be exposed to the latest trends affecting retailers and be inspired to develop innovative strategies to address shoppers’ expectations. Participants will also learn what it means to switch from a product-focused to a customer-focused approach that adds value to the shopping experience. Tactics for winning (and keeping) consumers in online and brick-and-mortar store settings will be discussed along with insights derived from retailers who are responding to the challenges of the modern competitive landscape. By the end of the webinar, participants will have a practical framework that any entrepreneur or small business can use to compete and thrive in an increasingly disruptive environment.

In 2022, FashionTT partnered with The UWI Faculty of Social Sciences, Business Development Unit, to further develop the local fashion industry through FashionTT’s Value Chain Investment Programme (VCIP). This initiative is the cornerstone of the Strategic Plan for the Fashion Industry through which designers receive customized mentorship and training based on their business developmental stage. The three tiers of the VCIP’s mentorship and training are as follows: Non-Global Value Chain (Non-GVC); Business Advisory (BA) and Entrepreneurial Proficiency Programme (EPP). The 4th cohort of the programme commenced in July 2022 after The UWI was selected for the consultant, business advisor and training facilitator role. Having The UWI on board, bringing their established knowledge and training expertise, is a testament to FashionTT’s formidable passion for driving the development of the industry forward.

The topics covered under the Non-GVC and BA tiers within the 1-year programme are SWOT analysis and Value Proposition; Market/ Customer Segmentation; Brand Development and Social Media; Supply Chain Management, Cashflow Management; Business Planning and Pitch Proposal amongst others. The topics covered within the EPP training tier 9-month-long programme are Entrepreneurship for fashion designers; Innovation & the business model canvas; financial management; essentials of Intellectual Property; Supply Chain Management among many others.

“FashionTT remains committed to ensuring that innovation and entrepreneurship are at the forefront of our agenda. We are also grateful to The UWI for partnering with us in this initiative to spread knowledge and build the capacity of our local fashion industry. Fashion designers are welcome to join the webinar and are asked to register to secure their spot!” – Lisa-Marie Daniel, General Manager, FashionTT.

To register for the Retail Management Webinar, CLICK HERE! To keep up-to-date on what’s happening with FashionTT, visit the Facebook and Instagram pages: @fashionoftt.


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