Capacity Development the MusicTT Way – Part 3

In part three of this series, we review MusicTT’s Publishing Camp; a three-day workshop that educated participants on the business of music publishing.

Music Publishing Camp

150! That was the number of local music practitioners registered to attend MusicTT’s Publishing Camp. This high level of interest can be attributed to two things: the informational content of the camp and its international facilitators.

Participants were exposed to the key areas of music publishing including:

  • The history of music publishing
  • The functions of a Music Publisher
  • The songwriter / publisher relationship
  • How to create interest from a Music Publisher
  • Creating a music publishing catalogue
  • Intellectual property and licensing

Like the Making the Music Video Workshop, MusicTT’s Publishing Camp was also hosted by prominent international music practitioners including Marcus Spence, Senior Vice President A&R, Mosley Music Group LLC; Sean Mulligan, Vice President, Film, TV & Media, Rock Steady Music; Vivian Barclay, General Manager, Warner Chappell Music Publishing and Jennifer Beavis, Director Publishing, Copyright & Royalty Administration, BMG Chrysalis.