Capacity Development the MusicTT Way – Part 2

Part two focuses on MusicTT’s Making the Music Video Workshop, a landmark event that culminated with the production of a music video by an internationally renowned music producers and filmmakers. Making the Music Video Workshop  Together with Tempo Networks, MusicTT hosted its first Making the Music Video Workshop which was facilitated by renowned international music industry practitioners Ron Elliot, Russell Santos and Arita Edmund. Local musicians, managers, producers, directors, etc. were exposed to all areas of music video making including:

  • Creating and publishing music videos
  • Developing the production book
  • Video production and post-production
  • Artist development
  • Distribution and relationship management

A major outcome of this workshop was the production of a music video that will air on Tempo’s Cross Caribbean Countdown in 2016. Local band Lujoe and The Gifted was afforded this opportunity and produced their first music video directed by renowned music director Russell Santos.   Part three in this series will be published on Wednesday 23rd December, 2015.