Capacity Development the MusicTT Way – Part 1

At MusicTT, capacity development of music industry practitioners is serious business. That’s why the company hosted three significant progressive workshops in 2015 in order to influence and help local music practitioners to improve their approach to the music business. In the first of this three part series, we take a look back at MusicTT’s Song Writing and Production Workshop.

Song Writing and Production Workshop

The Song Writing and Production Workshop, MusicTT’s first workshop for 2015, contributed towards paving the way for the Trinidad and Tobago creative practitioners to access international markets and build capacity at an international standard.

5 teams were selected to participate in the Advance Song writing and Production Workshop and each team was given a theme-based assignment to produce a track. The resulting song was submitted for potential placement in at least one of the following:

  1. As part of an international commercial;
  2. For sync purposes through a television or motion picture placement; or
  3. For consideration by an internationally renowned studio signed artist for their next upcoming album

This workshop was facilitated by Entertainment Management Quarters Limited led by their CEO Mr. Simon Baptiste who enlisted the services of Grammy-nominated team, Weirdo Workshop, consisting of CEO/songwriter/vocalist Claude Kelly and co-CEO/producer/musician Chuck Harmony, alongside their sound engineer Michael Piazza and their creative director Evan Vogul.

Part two in this series will be published on Monday 21st December, 2015.