All of Angela Hunte Brings Her Own Band to Soca

Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images North America

Full & Original Article published at,240000.html on Saturday, February 18 2017 by Melissa Doughty

There are some identifiable faces giving soca global recognition.

Although Grammy-award winning writer Angela Hunte does not readily accept that her work helped pushed this, evidence shows otherwise. 

The fact that her 2016 hit Mon Bon Ami was named as one of the top 100 songs for 2016 (it was number 73) gives testimony to the fact. 

Hunte has also stamped her style and songs on the hearts and minds of many a Trinbagonian. 

This year she has continued in the vein of the infusion of zouk-style songs with Love Me Some Him. 

She also has Big Beat Drum and Make Me Go for this season. 

For 2017 Hunte is doing things a little differently. With her own band in tow, she will perform without Machel Montano at Lime, Hyatt Regency Trinidad’s all-inclusive fete, and at Calypso Rose’s SoCalypso-Rose on Carnival Friday (February 24). 

Asked about continuing to build her name in soca, Hunte said, “I have no intentions of abandonment, even though I am embarking on a global artist career, venturing with a brand new label and a brand new team.” For the singer/songwriter, while this is not her first go-around as a performer, she wants people to see her more as a performer with her own band now. 

“My band is a very different band than what they’re used to seeing…I’m excited for them to see that. They have seen one way of me, now it is time for them to see the other side… Angela, an artiste in her own right, and switching up styles. People will see a total change for Carnival 2018 in my music and what I plan to do.” Hunte’s band is made up of musicians from a lot of different cultures. “We have a horn section, two percussions, we have bass, guitar, two keyboards and one background singer.” “It is made up of diverse cultures. They love soca, but they have a different way of approaching it…it is very big and percussion-driven and it brings a totally different sound to my music and what I do,” she said. 

While Hunte wants to see soca win a Grammy, the process has not been easy. Hunte has called upon the local music industry to continue to put music out there as its path to Grammy recognition. 

“I don’t feel I have contributed to the globalisation of soca…I am just trying to help that process if I can. I think it is on its way truly but surely. I think the unification of the artistes and the constant putting out of music is needed. The more you put it out, the more it will be the world will be aware.” Hunte is working with Belgian model, singer actress and media personality Fanny Neguesha, who is expected to come to TT in 2018. 

“She came into the studio and was looking for a director. I was showing her Party Done video…and she says to me, ‘Angie, why are you showing me this?’ The French accent is really harsh and she was like, ‘Why are you showing me this?…This is Party Done.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, you know this song,’ and she was like, ‘Yeah this is my favourite song.’ She said the song is huge in Belgium, and when they go out in Belgium this is the song they turn out to…” Hunte gave illustrations such as walking into a major record label’s office and hearing Mon Bon Ami, to say that soca’s global reach and growth have been occurring for a while. 

There is a movement that is happening, she said, an infusion of soca into the global space.