6 Perfect Film Locations in Trinidad and Tobago

Imagine a filmmaker is shooting a feature length film in Trinidad and Tobago. The main character is constantly on the move. He begins in Trinidad, the land of hustle and bustle, music, liming and coconut vendors around the Queen’s Park Savannah.  The scene changes and he’s now on a calm, quiet beach in Tobago, relaxing and winding down in the sister isle. Then, he’s in India, standing next to a temple surrounded by local people. Next, he’s in the Amazon with nothing but flora and fauna to interact with. The movie ends with him finding himself in the heart of Africa. Sounds good right?

What if we told you that this movie could be filmed entirely in Trinidad and Tobago? How is that possible you say? Locations, locations, locations!

One of the challenges often faced by production houses is finding locations to shoot scenes without incurring additional expenditure. Many times, in cases of multiple country locations, they run into problems with permits, time constraints and inter-country travel. The most convenient solution is choosing a country that can offer a range of locations without having to venture beyond its shores. This is what makes Trinidad and Tobago the ideal film-making destination!

Trinidad and Tobago is a location scout’s dream. The twin island state is populated with a myriad of sites that can be used to represent various countries around the world. Our rich history and cosmopolitan people lend themselves to creating a one-stop-shop for ideal film locations or, as we like to say, a place just like any other but less expensive.

The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (FilmTT) is a government agency that facilitates filmmakers, both local and international. One of their functions is to ensure that filming in this country is a smooth and easy process. By working alongside production houses and other government bodies, FilmTT can assist in importing film and television equipment, offer rebates and provide access to locally skilled film technicians.

Email info@ttfc.co.tt to find out more.

Here are six picturesque filming locations in Trinidad and Tobago:


The Temple by the Sea, Trinidad. Photo: Nikophotography.com http://goo.gl/tt1hDj


Lopinot Estate, Trinidad. Photo by William Barrow on Discover Trinidad and Tobago: http://goo.gl/fwvevn


Fort King George, Tobago. Photo by Jan Cassøe: http://goo.gl/wyQCvz


Stollmeyer’s Castle, Trinidad. Photo by Martin Farinha: http://goo.gl/cBEfFq


The arch at Paria Bay, Trinidad. Photo by Chris Anderson: http://goo.gl/cBEfFq


Pigeon Point, Tobago Photo: http://goo.gl/bd7qYC