5 Unique Ways to Find Inspiration

What is inspiration and where does it come from? There’s a question that doesn’t always have an easy answer.  In 2008, acclaimed frenetic fashion virtuoso Isaac Mizrahi held a TED talk entitled Fashion and Creativity where he shared his sources of inspiration. Perhaps these tips can also ignite your spark.

1. Become ‘Slightly Bored With Everything’

Mizrahi talks about boredom like a bad joke. However, he proposes a perspective that is anything but funny. By becoming bored, he explains, we are essentially seasoning ourselves for the next step, leaving room for us to ask ourselves ‘what’s next?’ or ‘what else is there?’

2. Develop a Sense of Curiosity

Equipped with your newfound sense of boredom you have a duty to your own mind space. It wants to be occupied again. Ask questions, and question everything. Having a curious spirit will help you to unlock your creative potential.

3. Explore, in Every Waking Moment of Your Life

Now that curiosity has gotten the better of you, those questions, musings, and existing doubts and go test them in the real world. Explore through interaction. It’s like travelling using your senses. This wanderlust helps to get you out of old spaces, while nosiness helps you to discover the unknown through seeing the unseen.

4. Consume Culture

In your exploration, don’t be afraid to sample the art of others. If you are a fashion designer, go watch films and listen to music. If you are a musician, seek inspiration from other forms of art. Having latitude will be to your benefit and will bring you the bits and pieces that will fuse in the creative process.

5. Keep Immersing Yourself in The Things That Interest You

So now that you’re starting to find the inspiration you sought for so long, run forth into the light and don’t turn back. Maintain your curiosities and when the things you come across spark your interest, go deeper.

Source: https://www.ted.com/talks/isaac_mizrahi_on_fashion_and_creativity