3 Fashion Industry Highlights for 2015

The launch of FashionTT’s Strategic Plan in August, 2015 has paved the way for significant milestones in the fashion industry thus far. With limited resources and a small team of passionate, energized employees, the company was able to make significant inroads in growing and developing Trinidad and Tobago’s fashion industry. Here are just a few of FashionTT’s major highlights for 2015:

1.Completion of the Strategic Plan for the T&T Fashion Industry

Executed by Syntegra Change Architects Ltd., the strategic plan for the fashion industry details a clear direction for the fashion industry for the next five (5) years. This direction includes:

  • positioning Trinidad and Tobago as a major fashion hub in the Caribbean
  • strengthening the capacity of local fashion designers to participate in the international market
  • increasing growth and revenue at the national and firm levels
  • establishing a Caribbean aesthetic brand identity that embodies Caribbean authenticity and pride while capturing the imagination of international market players

2.FashionTT’s First Inward Buyers’ Mission

Picture20What began as ModeTT, a Fashion Showcase in May, has resulted in the fashion industry’s biggest accomplishment for 2015. In just two days, buyers and merchants from retail outlets and boutiques in the French Caribbean placed over 360 orders for locally produced garments and accessories valued in excess of TT$110,000.

Five stores in Martinique and Guadeloupe are currently selling items from T&T designers who participated in this buyers’ mission.


3.Colombia Moda Exhibition and Trade Mission

FashionTT led a delegation of three (3) designers to Colombia during Colombia Moda with the aim of building business relationships with Colombian production facilities. The outcomes of this mission include:

  • Business relationships with manufacturers to ensure that T&T designers can commence production in Columbia in the near term
  • Business relationships with Colombian Chamber of Commerce Officials who can assist in the production process
  • Two designers have exchanged information on garment specification and tech packs with three manufacturers in Columbia